Saturday, June 15, 2013

Art Journal - Playing with circles

I've been playing a little in my art journal this week, following a prompt from Manuela's weekly challenge: play with circles. I used acrylic paint, Neocolors II and masks made out of masking tape. Nothing really fancy or amazing but I like the colors of the result.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Art journal - One way or another

Hello there, I hope you're all having a great week. I haven't been very creative lately, but I've learned how to make Coptic stitches bound notebooks, following this youtube video and a few various tutorials I found online to improve my technique for my second try.

I only made 2 so far, so I clearly need more practice for them to look good, but the second try was already better (which is a good thing since I made it for a friend). The teal one was my first try, and is now my new art journal. I used a double thread for the binding and I think that with the thread i was using it was a mistake because it makes the stitching a little bit big. For the pink one I used a single thread to bind and I think it looks prettier.

And here's how I inaugurated my new journal:

Also, I received today a book that I ordered last week and that caught my attention while browsing online, Art Doodle Love by Dawn DeVries Sokol. More than a book it's a journal you're invited to fill with doodles. I can't wait to start doodling in it, I might post some of the finished pages in the future.