Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Improved craft space

I would lie if I said it's been a very productive summer, but I finally decided to re-arrange my office and add a new desk that would be only dedicated to craft purpose. Warning, this is not gonna be as pretty as all those artroom/craftroom you can see around the internet. Sadly I do not live in a magazine.

I already had a big desk in the office but it's mainly occupied by the desktop computer (and a bunch of clutter, let's be honest) so I grew reluctant to craft on it. Of course, when it came to "clean" crafts like making ATCs, drawing or painting with watercolors, it was mainly ok even if I didn't have much space, but when it was involving messier techniques like ink spraying or creating drops and splatters, I was too scared to stain everything including the computer screen.

For a while, I put all my craft material in boxes easy to move around and was settling on the living room coffee table whenever I was feeling to create something, but my back didn't quite like it, which was one of the reasons I wasn't creating anything lately.

Plus, I had my eyes on an architect style desk I saw months ago while furniture shopping for my dad. So I finally took measurements and rearranged a little the shelves around the office to be able to fit the desk of my dreams. And perfect timing being perfect, the store chain was having an end-of-summer sale including on that desk. Anyway, after a few hours of struggle assembling the thing and some organization, here is the result.

It really gives me a lot of storage space that was pretty much lost room anyway plus a really nice surface to craft. I also love that if I leave something in the middle because I decide I have other things to do at the moment, I don't need to store everything back in its box, I can leave everything there until I'm done. 

As you can see, both sides of the desk host two shelves and each one of them can hold a lot, which makes everything handy to access when sitting at the desk. Excuse the "raw" looking of some cardboard boxes, I don't have fancy storage for everything (at least not yet) but I went for some convenient recycled things I had around for the time being. I'm also contemplating the option to buy 2 or 3 of those cheap IKEA spice shelves to hang on the wall just above the desk and reorganize some things a little, as well as organizing the shelve on the left of the desk differently for more practical access to my most used supplies. 

Anyway, that was a little view of the place I'm crafting from, I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour. Totoro wishes you a good day!