Friday, June 20, 2014

Paper patchwork journal cover

After that a totally uninspired first half of the year flew by, I decided I really needed to go back to creating things. I ran across The Documented Life Project and decided it would be a good way to get back into art journaling. Since I'm jumping in in the middle of the year, I decided not to use a planner but a simple large moleskine cahier (the ones that come in set of 3) and make a cover inspired by the one Darcy made, over at Art and Sole.

I totally fell in love with the way her cover looked and even if I was a little afraid by so much stitching I really wanted to try and make one. Before that, I barely used my sewing machine twice I think. At least this project helped me to learn how to stitch following a line.

First I made some backgrounds with Dylusion inks, watercolors, masks and some stamps, before tearing them into little pieces, quickly gluing them to a backing paper (I just cut a kraft bag i had around) enough to keep them briefly into place and then sew them all together.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result even if some stitching went bad in some spots, overall I like it (Sorry for the poor photo, it's taken with my phone). I can't wait to go back to journaling. Not sure if I'll catch up with all the previous prompts but at least I'll try my best to fill one a week.